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Cologix: Strengthening Colocation Facilities

Grant van Rooyen, CEO & President
The ascent of Integrated circuits and Microprocessors in the 50s and 60s facilitated the transition of data storage from its traditional roots to the electromagnetic format, the various successors of which continue to be relied upon heavily today. For Enterprises however data storage would continue to be a major concern until end of the 90s when the concept of data centre networks was brought to reality. Owing to its potential as a reliable data storage tool for the massive amounts of enterprise data, data centre operations have seen a steep rise over the past decade. Enterprises now are increasingly outsourcing data centre operations to obtain desired results in a cost effective manner.

To facilitate this aspect of Data Centre Cologix, a network neutral interconnection and data centre company was conceived in 2010. Cologix provides massive scalable interconnection services and secures reliable colocation services in densely connected, strategically located facilities. Furthermore Cologix distinguishes itself as a network and cloud neutral company that allows its customers to freely choose vendors among the expansive choice that it has built into its data centre ecosystems throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Future Proofing Data Centres

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company was founded by Grant van Rooyen, who currently serves as its President and CEO. By leveraging his 10 years experience with telecommunications firm Level 3 Communications, where he held several positions, including President of the Content Markets Group, Grant has been successful in piloting the Cologix team in the right direction to bring in the right technologies for the effective provision of colocation services. One such initiative is Cologix’s carrier neutral colocation platform which treats customers to an expansive menu of more than 450 network carriers and more than 200 cloud service providers to enable future-proofed IT deployments at the Internet’s edge.

The ascent of colocation has had a greater impact over the market since it plays into broader data centre industry trends. Nowadays, enterprises are outsourcing their data centre operations to minimise their IT infrastructure related operations and to gain hyper-secure, robustly connected, uptime data centre environments. “Our customers are no longer managing the real estate aspects of their IT infrastructure such as space, power, cooling and interconnections. This allows Cologix’s customers to focus on their core business and revenue streams, while Cologix’s knowledgeable, hands-on staffs manage the physical aspects of their deployment,” confirms Grant.
Strategizing Disaster Recovery Plans

The company offers Disaster Recovery (DR) planning consultations through which it assures its customers business continuity for the time disaster or major power disruption occurs. This helps its clients to identify critical applications and vulnerabilities so that they can create a personalized colocation centre DR plan. While working with a wide range of industries, Cologix’s DR planning team easily recommends data centre best practices that are unique for its customers. “Cologix’s DR planning solutions help customers mitigate risk and effectively prepare for unplanned outages. Supported by Cologix’s secure, fully redundant data centres, our solutions enable systems and data to quickly recover from all types of service disruptions,” defines Grant. Cologix’s FLEX Office Recovery also offers move-in ready, furnished, secure and connected work spaces for employees during the event of a disaster. “Our business continuity centres feature resilient infrastructure with redundant power and cooling, redundant network connectivity and direct access to deployments in sister data centres,” adds Grant. Cologix’s FLEXReplication is a simple yet powerful enterprise-class disaster recovery solution which is designed specifically for virtualized environments such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware. This solution enables the automatic replication of the entire environment to the Cologix Cloud in near real-time. Furthermore FLEXReplication is made available 24/7, allowing clients to keep an up to date copy of all virtualized data and recover it if required, at the click of a mouse. This service also offers increased flexibility and boosts customers’ ability to test recovery on-demand with a near-zero RTO without production environment impact. “This gives Cologix customers more control over their DR plan plus faster failover with automated failover and failback,” explains Grant.

While working with a wide range of industries, Cologix’s DR planning team easily recommends data centre best practices that are unique for its customers

The Road Ahead

Cologix offers a differentiated service model with 24/7 local, hands-on technical support teams in each market, on top of industry-leading infrastructure reliability, security and transparency. It also aims to continue in its investment to drive organic and inorganic growth, including unrelenting investment in infrastructure, preventative maintenance programs, systems and monitoring and live customer support. Cologix currently serves over 1,600 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers. However, it will continue to provide industry-leading interconnection-focused colocation capacity in the markets it serves, with an eye toward inorganic growth opportunities that fit the Cologix paradigm of serving customers at the edge in hyper-connected data centre facilities. Additionally, it will also keep an unrelenting focus on infrastructure investment, with a number of expansion projects ongoing in various markets that will introduce new enterprise-grade capacity in the coming years.

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