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 25 Most Recommended Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution Providers

eSOZO: The Data Recovery Partner for the Cloud Era

Aaron White, President
Digital data, to a great extent today, governs the functioning of organizations worldwide regardless of the verticals they serve. The significance of such data is further highlighted by the urgent need for its preservation, which of course is no ordinary task. The statistics associated with data loss for businesses today are quite alarming. The impact of this however, has not resounded with many business leaders. Despite the risk, many businesses operate with a false sense of security and do not have adequate systems in place to ensure they are protected from lost data. A clear conclusion of this fact was what led to the inception of New Jersey based firm eSOZO. Distinguished as an organization that seeks to educate other enterprises on the real dangers of data loss, eSOZO brings a high level of standard to data security. They guide clients in choosing the best fit for their IT infrastructures.

Since eSOZO’s inception in 2005, the IT landscape has changed dramatically. The company, however, has always been well informed of the latest trends in IT. This has enabled them to understand the needs of clients, as well as suggest the best solution for their data backup and recovery needs. “Being well-informed of the latest trends is one of the major responsibilities any Managed Services Provider has to embrace,” adds Aaron White, President, eSOZO. The growing popularity of cloud services, and the reduction in costs it allows, has also made backup recovery solutions more accessible to smaller companies. The storage of data offsite has thus become a more appealing concept. eSOZO serves as a trusted partner that can guide organizations through this relatively new technology. eSOZO offers transparency on the idea of virtualization, putting to rest doubts related to where the data is stored, who has access to it, and how quickly it can be restored if lost.
Using Veeam’s Backup & Replication®, eSOZO’s BDR solution provides clients with both local and offsite backups. Unlike most backup recovery providers, eSOZO has its own private data center which provides clients with an enterprise-level virtual environment. This can be used only when needed, there by cutting costs on storage by huge margins. Further more, in the event of a disaster, the client has the assurance that their data is secure, and is accessible in a secure environment managed and monitored by a team that they have grown to trust and depend upon.

Unlike most backup recovery providers, eSOZO has its own private data center which provides clients with an enterprise-level virtual environment

eSOZO’s unique and transparent process of backup recovery has made it a trusted technology partner in the past decade. Their efforts towards offering cost effective and secure solutions have enabled clients to focus on their core business concerns yielding positive results which the company has witnessed first-hand. A primary part of eSOZO’s business mission has been to serve small- and medium-sized businesses. In the years to come, the company intends to broaden their reach and make their IT services more accessible to the SMBs. This initiative by eSOZO was recently marked with the inclusion of a new data center in Ohio as they get set to expand further. Based in central NJ, eSOZO currently provides managed services in many metropolitan areas such as New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Providence, RI. “As our client base increases, we are excited to expand into more markets and hope to become the most trusted resource for managed IT services,” adds Aaron.

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