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Triada Networks: Optimising Business Continuity Plans to Protect Businesses from Loss and Keep them Running

Raffi Jamgotchian , CTO
Every business runs the risk of unwanted expenses, lost revenue, loss of data, lost productivity and even loss of business. Protecting a company’s systems from such loss is essential. As such, maintaining a robust recovery system is critical to the viability of a business. Having worked in the domain of business continuity, backup and disaster recovery since 2008, Triada Networks LLC has been providing cost effective IT solutions to small boutique investment firms and other small businesses. “We understand how critical it is for investment companies or any small business that relies on technology for their operations to have a solid technology infrastructure that they can rely on to run their business,” says Raffi Jamgotchian, CTO, Triada Networks LLC.

Headquartered in Norwood, New Jersey, in earshot of Manhattan, Triada, among other services, offers business continuity plans and services to its clients. This “Triada Recover” plan as they call it is a collection of products and that help companies avoid losing data and quickly recover the event of disaster, be it small or large, man-made or nature. The nature of the platform provides for periodic testing and adjustment. The differentiator to Triada Recover is an ongoing process called automated assurance which tests every backup for viability to ensure that its ready for restoration in case.

Although this additional feature provides some assurance, nothing replaces a full business continuity test. Most companies should and investment companies must test their recovery systems at least once a year. Even for traditional businesses that possess on-premises servers or one that is all in the cloud or something in between, Triada puts together a comprehensive solution by meeting the needs of the business now and in the near future.
Business continuity is all about planning and testing that to keep a business running and making it available for its clients, partners and employees regardless of any event. Planning and testing both are thus the most integral part of an organisation. Having a great technical backup system in place does not always mean ease and complete recovery. It is incumbent on the business to have solid planning and proper implementation of such planning that brings success. In the past systems such as these were only available to large companies with big budgets, but now even the smallest of firms can leverage solid recovery systems.

Triada consistently looks for ways to improve on an already solid system. By testing plans and understanding the market, Triada can bring newer techniques and methodologies as they come up. “The solutions we are using today are more technically advanced than those we used during our inception,” Raffi confirms.

Triada services are based on three major pillars: protect, optimize and empower. Protection is the foundational pillar that the rest builds on. Protection refers to protecting data, systems and assets from external and internal risk. Elaborating on this data protection approach Raffi also says, “Our on premises protection system is a hybrid approach. We install a purpose built appliance that protects all of the client’s data at frequent intervals throughout the day. Those systems are then replicating data to an off-site secure cloud datacenter.”

By testing plans and understanding the market, Triada can bring newer techniques and methodologies as they come up

With a hope to explore more in the near future and to pioneer in the domain, Raffi concludes saying, “We build as much prevention into the environment so that some disasters can be avoided and work with business leaders to ensure that the plan makes sense for their business along with testing the systems at least annually.”

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